Since the inception of the Buffalo Bills franchise in 1960, the team has had some truly great players. The history includes winning AFL championships in 1964 and 1965 and going to four consecutive Super Bowls. Even though the Buffalo Bills lost all of those Super Bowls, the talent on those teams was undeniable. So who are the greatest players in Buffalo Bills history?

11. Cornelius Bennett:

Cornelius Bennett, a five-time Pro Bowler, played a huge part in making sure that nobody could get over the middle of the field easily. Bennett played a large rolefor the Bills during their Super Bowl runs by making sure tackles, grabbinginterceptions, and forcing and recovering fumbles.

10. Eric Moulds:

Moulds could be the most underrated Bills player of all-time. Mired on teams without excellent quarterback play, Moulds still managed to be one of the more productive receivers of all-time. His spectacular catches and unbelievable plays were on full display in 2002, when Moulds became the first and only Bills player to record 100 receptions in a single season.

9. Kent Hull:

The center on the team whoanchored the offensive line of the Bills during their Super Bowl runs has to be on this list. Hull was voted to only 3 Pro Bowls in his career, but his skill and impact in helping to run the K-gun no huddle offense proved invaluable to the Bills.

8. Steve Tasker:

The special teams ace for the Buffalo Bills was one of the critical pieces on the Buffalo Bills team that made it to four straight Super Bowls.

The 7 Time Pro Bowler has not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame, but will always be remembered as one of the greatest special teams players.

7. OJ Simpson:

If Simpson didn't have so many legal issues, he would have risen much higher up the list.The five time Pro Bowler remains one in a rare group of running backs who have rushed for more than 2000 yards in a single season.

It’s even more impressive when you realize that Simpson accomplished the feat in only 14 games.

6. Thurman Thomas:

This Buffalo Bills running back was emblematic of the soul of the teams that made it to 4 consecutive Super Bowls. One of the most consistent running backs in NFL history, Thomas rushed for more than 1000 yards in 8 consecutive seasons.

5. Cookie Gilchrist:

One of the toughest running backs of all-time, Cookie Gilchrist was the first player in the AFL to ever rush for more than 1000 yards. Gilchrist also played a big part of the Bills championship run in 1964 by rushingfor 122 yards against the Chargers in the championshipgame.

4. Jack Kemp:

Jack Kemp was claimed by the Bills prior to the 1962 season. The Bills were very glad they claimed him. In his time with the Bills, Kemp helped lead the Bills to four playoff appearancesand win two AFL championships, the only championships the Bills have won in their history.

3. Andre Reed:

One of the greatest receivers of all time was also the greatest contributor to the Bills revolutionary K-gun offense.

The 7 time Pro Bowler was one of the best yards after catch receivers of all time and he was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014

2. Jim Kelly:

The greatest quarterback in Buffalo Bills history was the master of a K gun offense that took the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls. Originally drafted in 1983, Kelly had refused to play for the Bills and instead chose to play in the USFL. After the league collapsed, Kelly came back to Buffalo to become the team's greatest quarterback. Kelly is one of only two Bills players who has had his jersey number retired and he is revered and respected by all in the city of Buffalo.

1. Bruce Smith:

It’s hard to pick between Bruce Smith and Jim Kelly for the #1 overall spot, but I’m going to have to go with the monstrous defensive end.

The 11 time Pro Bowler was the best player on the Bills defense that helped the Bills make it to four straight Super Bowls. The defensive end also holds the career record for quarterback sacks, with a whopping 200 of them.

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