In fantasy Football, there is no position with more scarcity of talent than the running back position. As the league has become more pass driven, the number of truly featured backs in the NFL has diminished. Because fantasy leagues require you to start at least 2 RBs, it is crucial to draft good ones early to get an edge on the competition. Let’s take a look at who you should be drafting.

#1: Le’Veon Bell.

When Bell stays healthy, he’s easily the best RB in fantasy football and one of the best players in fantasy. He gets all the Steelers carries, including every goal line touch, and he stays involved in the passing game.

Those attributes made him highly productive in 2014, when he had more 2,000 all-purpose yards and 10 touchdowns.

#2: Todd Gurley.

Once Todd Gurley recovered from his injury, he never looked back. The talented feature back for the Rams ran for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns in a 13 game slate last season. He will now have a full season with a rookie quarterback who will be looking to lean on the run as much as possible in 2016.

#3: Adrian Peterson.

Peterson came back from a 2014 injury with a vengeance in 2015. He ran for 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns and remained the most prominent back on the Vikings. But Peterson is getting older, which means that it is getting much riskier center a fantasy team aroundthe star Vikings running back.

#4: Jamaal Charles.

When he’s healthy, Jamaal Charles is the center of the Chiefs offense. He gets the goal line carries, a majority of the third down work, and he catches passes out of the backfield. Basically, Jamaal does it all. He proved that he’s capable of big fantasy seasons with years in 2012 and 2013 that saw him rush for 17 combined touchdowns and more than 2400 combined yards.

#5: David Johnson.

This young Arizona Cardinals RB finally got his chance after Chris Johnson was sidelined by an injury and he took advantage. His breakout performance came in a game against the Eagles when he scored 3 touchdowns and had an absurd 40 fantasy points. That potential should make him worthy of a top 10 pick.

#6: Devonta Freeman.

For some reason, people aren’t hyped for Freeman’s next season. I’m not sure I understand why. After his first start against the Cowboys, he rushed for less than 100 yards just three times in 7 games. In that same time span, Freeman had 10 touchdowns before getting a concussion against the Colts. Now that he’s completely healthy, I expect him to get back to that star form.

#7: Thomas Rawls

Marshawn Lynch’s retirement means that Thomas Rawls will be getting a majority of the snaps as the lead dog on a run first Seattle offense. Rawls had some truly huge fantasy performances last season, including a game against the 49ers in which he ran for more than 200 yards and a touchdown.

I don’t expect that production every week, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rawls put up big numbers occasionally.

#8: Doug Martin.

The NFL’s second leading rusher was highly productive in 2015, ranking 3rd in points among all fantasy running backs. Unfortunately, Martin split his goal line touches with Charles Sims far too much, resulting in Martin’s low 6 rushing touchdown output. For Martin to rise higher up this list, the time share with Sims will need to disappear.

#9: Mark Ingram.

This Saints RB finally figured out how to be productive in 2015. In games he started, Ingram had fewer than 9 fantasy points just once. That consistency alone makes him worthy of a high draft pick, although his injury historyprecludes him from rising any higher up this top 10 list.

#10: Lesean McCoy.

The Bills run their entire offense through Lesean McCoy. He wasn’t amazingly productive in 2015, but it was his first year with the team. Now that he has another year under his belt, expect more double digit fantasy performances like his 6 game stretch from week 9 to week 14. Rex Ryan will definitely figure out ways to get him more involved.

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