The best defensive player in the NFL last year was Von Miller. There are few people who dispute he has the ability to take over a game with easy. The combination of his speed and power are hard to match. Over the past couple of years, he has grown into a dominantdefensive end.

Lessons from his career.

The lessons from his career are vast. No matter what happens, if you keep working hard good things are going to come. The Broncos put in one of the most dominating defensive performances ever in the Super Bowl last year. The first touchdown scored in the game was a result of a fumble caused by Von Miller.

Both sides are having issues coming to an agreement on a contract. With a contract year, Von Miller is expecting to sign the largest deal for a defensive player in history. Fletcher Cox recently signed a massive deal, and this move shocked many owners. It will be interesting to see whether Denver can afford to pay Miller or if they will let him walk. They also have the option of putting the franchise tag on him. However, he has said he is not interested in playing if that is the case.

Salary Negotiations.

With any high profile player, the salary negotiations are going to be tough. There are many people who are interested in looking at his new contract. If the Broncos do sign him, it will be the largest contract signed this year.

In addition, it will probably have more money than any other non-quarterback contract in league history. Fletcher Cox signing a massive contract was great news for Von Miller. He can now use that new contract as leverage in negotiations with teams across the league. He is a great talent, but whoever gets him is going to have to pay a huge salary.

Few teams in the league have the ability to spend that much cap room on one player. If he does not work out, that is a huge salary burden to bear. This is why some people think that the best move would be for the Broncos to sign Von Miller. Instead, it looks like the negotiation saga is going to continue in the future.

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