College Football

The college Football season is always one of the most exciting in all of sports. Millions of fans around the country are excited for the 2016 season as they anticipate how their favorite team will do. There are several storylines in this season, and it is interesting to see which will play out.

  • Can Alabama repeat?
  • Will Clemson finally win the big one?
  • Was Michigan legit?
  • Can Tennessee rise again?
  • What about Baylor?


There are a lot of storylines in the SEC this year. Tennessee looks to be the favorite in the East. Although Georgia does have a new head coach, the Bulldogs will be playing from behind breaking in a true freshman quarterback.

There are few examples of true freshman working out in the SEC. After Will Grier was suspended last year, the Gators fell off the map. In their bowl game, they were destroyed by a hot Michigan team. South Carolina may have their worst team in a decade. This sets up nicely for a Tennessee run to the SEC championship this year.

In the West, it is Alabama at the top again. Although LSU and Ole Miss will compete, Alabama returns the most talented team again. The major question mark is Auburn, who has slid every year since making the national championship. Some Auburn fans are starting to grumble about the lack of success on the field.


One of the most interesting questions heading into this season is whether Michigan is legit.

Although they had a great new head coach last year, the Michigan team was very good. They should have beat Michigan State, but a late fumble cost them that game. Many fans of college football think that Michigan is a little overrated heading into this season.

The death of Baylor?

Baylor has had one of the worst off seasons in the history of sports.

Through a lot of off the field incidents, Baylor is now left with a fractured recruiting class and a broken image. No coach is going to want to go to Baylor after all of this mess.

Clemson: always the bridesmaid

Clemson has been painfully close to a national championship in recent years. Although they have a lot of talent, the Tigers lost a lot of experience in their last season.

Several early round picks were drafted in the NFL draft, and now the Tigers face a tricky Auburn team in the first week of the season. Can Clemson overcome the hurdle? Only time will tell.

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