When did the Chicago Cubs Score?

During the first inning with Zobrist, and Bryant on base. Anthony Rizzo hit an in the park three-run home in the left center field. Cubs led 3-0 after one. In the third inning, Contreras doubled to center field allowing Zobrist to score. Cubs led 4-0. Baez singled on a ground ball to center field allowing Contreras to score. Cubs led 5-0 after three. In the fourth inning, Russell homered to left center field. Cubs led 6-0. Also, Almora homered to right center field. Cubs led 7-0 after four. In the seventh inning Szczur singled on a line drive to center field, Baez scored.

Cubs led 8-2. Hendricks out on a sacrifice bunt allowing Szczur to score. Cubs led 9-2 after seven.

When Did Cincinnati Reds Score?

In the fourth inning, Duval homered on a fly ball to left field. Reds trailed 1-7. Then, Cozart grounds out but, allowed Suarez to score. Cincinnati trailed 2-7 after four.

Who Won?

The Chicago Cubs won 9-2 giving Hendricks the win and Reed the lost. This was the final game of the series at Cincinnati.

Series Recap

The Chicago Cubs won the Monday night's first game with the score of 11-8. It is also known as the Kris Bryant game because he hit three home runs and had two doubles which is the first of it’s kind in modern day history. He also played three different positions in one game; third base, right field and left field.

Arrieta had a solo home run in the five and Rizzo had a home run after Bryant’s third. Game two played on Tuesday was an extra inning game concluding with Bryant singled to allow Zobrist to score and Baez grand slam in the fifteenth inning finally to end the game for the Cubs 7-2. That was not the only good part because Maddon even put three reliever pitchers in left field because of the extra innings.

Cubs fans know how Maddon likes to move everyone around when he can. Finally, Wednesday's game is at 11:30 am central time. Some fans may have been worried since the Cubs went through a long night. But we were proven wrong by Rizzo with his in-the-park three-run homer in the first inning. With many others scoring, the Cubs won 9-2.

Cubs swept the Reds at Cincinnati and are off to New York to play the Mets before coming home on the 4th to play Cincinnati again.

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