The Cavaliers proved last night that they are not a team to be taken lightly by blowing out the Warriors by 30 points. They did this without one of their big 3, Kevin Love, who was out for the game for a concussion. Ironically, his absence seemed to help the Cavaliers more than it hurt them. Let me explain why the Cavaliers should now place Kevin Love on the bench to adapt to this newly found development.

Floor Spacing.

Without Kevin Love on the floor, the Cavaliersfigured out how to space the floor more effectively. This open spacing allowed Kyrie Irving to find open holes and get to the basket with ease.

Kyriescored 30 points a game after he had scored just 10 points against the Warriors, evidence of his effectiveness without Love on the floor. Lebron also benefitted from Love'sabsence by aggressively putting up 32 points. One other player who hadn't appeared yet was J.R. Smith, who finally emerged with 20 points in Game 3. Without Love taking up space and hovering around the three point line, a majority of the Cavaliers starters were more effective.

Lebron James.

When Kevin Love is on the floor, he is force fed the ball far too often. For some reason, Lebron is hell bent on getting the power forward involved in the offense. It's important to get Lovegoing, but he shouldn't be the focal point of the offense.

When this happens, Lebron James loses his aggressiveness and becomes more of a passer than a scorer for the Cavaliers. For the Cavaliers to win this series, they need James to take over games and not take a back seat on offense.

Kevin Love Himself.

Kevin Love appears to have lost any semblance of the player that used to existin Minnesota.

When he played with the Timberwolves, he was a dominant scoring machinecapable of putting up 30 points in everygame. Now that he’s joined the Cavaliers, he looks much more timid on offense and can't seem to figure out an effective way to involve himself on offense. If the Cavaliers want him to be productive, he should be playing with a ragtag group off the bench like he used to Minnesota.

This way, Love would be forced to involve himself on offense and score like the Cavaliers want him to. And Lebron and Kyrie would no longer have to force feed Love the ball.

It would behoove both Kevin Love and the Cavaliers if he came off the bench. Tyronn Lue would do well to notice that the Cavaliers would benefit if this adjustment were implemented.

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