Jose Mourinho, Old Trafford, and Soccer Aid 2016

For the good of charity, a host of fans, celebrities, and legends of the game were all on hand at Manchester United's home field to take part in the Soccer Aid 2016 festivities. And, for those that were unable to attend the event in person, many fans across the globe took in the event virtually via the Soccer Aid 2016 live stream.

England emerges victorious, charity the real winner

It was a star-studded affair at this year's Soccer Aid 2016, as Wright, Murs, and Lewis all gave the audience the type of performance worth writing home about -- no doubt a point of pride for each of the individual players -- with Jermain Defoe coming away with a tally of two goals to his credit, in order to help secure the victory for the English side.

With a total of five spectacular goals scored in the match, there seemed to be a genuine buzz and excitement at Old Trafford that hasn't been present for a very long time, particularly under the watchful eye of Lousi Van Gaal. After abysmal performances and overall underachievement over the course of the last few months, there has been a renewed hope that Jose Mourinho would bring with him his skills, tactics, and expertise in order to help rebuild Manchester United and bring them back to contention. Even though Soccer Aid 2016 and Soccer Aid in general is primarily meant to help charity and bring together players for an all-around fun game, perhaps this is the first step in a new direction for both Mourinho and Manchester.

As Manchester's new manager, Mourinho sat amongst the big wigs and club chiefs, smiling and laughing as the game went on -- a quality that had gone missing under the tenure of Van Gaal. Even though one might caution making too much out of a game that ultimately has little meaning in terms of standing or overall significance when it comes to chasing titles, perhaps what was on display Sunday is even more important than stats or accolades.

There seems to be a renewed sense of vigor at Old Trafford, a rejuvenated sense of purpose, hope, and future that seems to have lifted the morale of not just the fans, but the players and the club as a whole. Whether that ultimately translates to titles remains to be seen, but, whatever happens from here on out, you can't put a price on what it means to have hope and to feel renewed once again.

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