Ole Miss Tradition

For many years, Ole Miss languished in mediocrity. There are three teams in the SEC to have never won their division since the split in 1992. Vanderbilt, Kentucky and Ole Miss. This is a major hang up in Oxford, and after the tenure of failed head coaches fans wanted a change. Ten years ago, Hugh Freeze was coaching high school Football. He shot up through the ranks because of his great charm and ability to coach football. People around the nation were shocked when they signed one of the best recruiting classes in the country in 2013. Things like this just do not happen at Mississippi.

Although the school always brings in top talent from the state, they were signing players out of Georgia, Florida and other states as well. With the mass of talent brought in, they went on a winning streak that it had not seen in decades. Just last year, the Rebels crushed Oklahoma State in the Sugar Bowl and beat Alabama in the regular season.

Recruiting Scandal

Many rival fans have long been suspicious of recruiting at the school. No school goes from a perennial loser to signing a top class overnight. Although it was never proven, many people wondered aloud about the Ole Miss boosters. Hugh Freeze claims that he knew nothing about what was going on in Oxford. To be fair, there is no proof that he did anything outside of the rules yet.

There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Ole Miss was paying its players, and this without the head coach's knowledge. It will be interesting to see if the NCAA punishes Ole Miss after it self reported 13 violations to the NCAA.


Ole Miss has built its program to height not seen in many years.

Even when Eli Manning was on the team, Ole Miss never won the Sugar Bowl or beat the best teams in the SEC. If Ole Miss can stay out of trouble, things are still looking up for their program. They have a young head coach, and they are still singing the top talent in the SEC. However, fans are nervous about what is going to happen from the recruiting violations, and if the NCAA comes down hard it will take some time to recover.

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