With the grass season in Europe fully unfolding,there are many pairs of eyes watching whether or not, the Swiss star can produce once again something special on the Tennis court.Roger Federer, widely regarded as the best player on the grass court, is currently attending another event on his favorite surface as a warm-up for Wimbledon. Prior to this event, the Gery Weber Open in Halle, Germany, the Swiss made a decent run in Stuttgart by reaching the semifinals, where he was defeated by the Austrian rising star Dominic Thiem (7 ATP). The 22-year-old subsequently clinched his very first title on grass at theMercedes Cup.

One last rehearsal prior to Wimbledon.

At the Gery Weber Open, Roger Federer has the chance to make some late adjustments. As it was proven, a player`s sharpness following an injury might be put in jeopardy.From what Federer shows so far, there is something off with some of his once reliable shots. His forehand shots as well as the backhand, are still far from what they used to be. And sometimes, the gap between winning or losing a match stands in these particular imperfections. When he faced a low-ranked player, it did not matter. The things went differently against Thiem who was able to turn Federer`s inconsistency into profit. Later today, Federer will fight for a place in the quarterfinals in Halle in a confrontation with Malek Jaziri (64 ATP).

In the light of the latest developments, within the Halle event, Federer`s half of the draw is quite promising. Except for David Goffin, there is no top player left in the contest.

No high expectations.

Last week Federer`s statement gave some clues about the expectations regarding the upcoming events.

He declared himself eager to play as much as possible, but his health remains the biggest concern. This way of approach might give a reasonable explanation to his inconsistency. Maybehe`s not willing to push his body to the upper limit, at least for now. Although the grass court is his best environmentto play on, time has left its mark on his body.

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