Zimbabwe has won a total of eight medals from the Olympic Games and seven of these are held by swimmer Kirsty Coventry. Kirsty will be competing at Rio 2016, and the veteran Olympian reached out a hand of friendship and admiration to a fellow country-woman when she made Zimbabwean history by qualifying for eventing in the equestrian sports. In a tweet, she posted "Congratulations for making the Zimbabwe Olympic team for2016."

Kruger is 29 years-old.

Camilla Kruger, a 29-year-old Zimbabwean who now lives in the UK told Standard Sport that she was “overwhelmed” at her selection to debut at Rio. She went on to say, “I feel very honored and proud for the country to be the first-ever Zimbabwean to represent at the Olympics for an equestrian sport.” She faced huge completion to grab the slot as the Standard explained in an article in May.

":There was a place available for only one rider from the whole of Africa and theMiddle East.” This is a brilliant achievement for Kruger considering that to qualify, she had to be the highest ranked rider during the qualification process.

Every rider needs a great horse.

Camilla will ride her lovely horse Biarritz in the competition that requires her to compete in the three disciplines of dressage, eventing, and show jumping. Biarritz, like so many proud and beautiful horses, prefers to go by a moniker and his is Sam the Man. Sam the Man is a beautiful horse, and recently showed his mettle at the Hopetoun International where he and Camilla finished 3rd in the CIC3. Camilla described him as an "awesome horse" on her Facebook account.

A proud and feistyhorse.

It seems that Sam the Man is feisty and proud – witness DebsColes-Vincent, who works at Angley Equine Services and posted on Facebook that “Sam the Man ... 9pm feed and unappreciated (by him) ...Get a grip Sam ... If only you understood the magnitude of what you are going to experience this year.

So let's just get you through it .. Love him ... Even though he threatens to savage me every day.”

A beautiful team [Video].

He might be feisty, but Sam the Man and Camilla have a beautiful relationship and every nuance of that came through in a stunning video Slingshot productions made of them working together.

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