Just because the league has shifted to be more focused on passing, doesn’t mean that the position of a running back has become any less important. Some teams still rely on an elite rushing game to produce on offense. Which running back would you want to hand off to if you were an NFL quarterback?

#1: Adrian Peterson

​The Vikings have run Adrian Peterson into the ground ever since he was drafted, and who wouldn't? Peterson has been one of the best runningbacks in the NFL since he was drafted in 2007. In 2012, he ran for over 2,000 yards.The reason why he currently ranks #1 is because of his 2015 NFL season, in which he came back from an injury and still ran for 1,485 yards and 11 touchdowns.

#2: Le’veon Bell

When Le'Veon Bell is healthy, he's one of the most explosive and productive players in the NFL. Bell got injured last season, but flashed his true potential in 2014, when he rushed for 1361 yards and caught 83 balls for 854 yards. He also scored ten total touchdowns in 2014 and was one of the focal points of the Steelers offense. In 2016, expect the running back to show off the form that made him such a dangerous dual threat in 2014.

#3: Jamaal Charles

One of the best running backs in the game, Charles can really get things going when he's healthy. Charles was injured in 2015, but that doesn't mean we should discount those seasons in 2012 and 2013 in which Charles ran for more than 1,200 yards and had 17 combined touchdowns.

The dual threat running back is also a key pass catching option for Alex Smith.

#4: LeSean McCoy

The slippery running back got off to a rough start in 2015, but still managed to finish the NFL season with 895 rushing yards and 5 touchdowns. Anybody who watched the Bills last year knows that the offense was run through McCoy.

His field vision and explosion allows him to make the most of any open space given to him, which makes him worthy of a top five spot on the list.

#5: Doug Martin

Doug Martin was the NFL’s second leading rusher in 2015, proving himself among the elite in the league. Unfortunately, Martin split his goal line touches with Charles Sims far too much.

For Martin to rise higher up this list, the time share with Sims will need to disappear so that he can rack up even more yardage and score more touchdowns.

#6: Todd Gurley

Once Todd Gurley recovered from his injury, he was one of the best running backs in the NFL. The talented feature back for the Rams ran for 1,106 yards and 10 touchdowns in only 13 games last season. With a rookie quarterback at the helm, Gurley will get plenty more chances to show off his fabulous talent.

#7: Devonta Freeman

For some reason, people are refusing to give Freeman credit for his monster season. I’m not sure I understand why. After his first start against the Cowboys, he rushed for less than 100 yards just three times in 7 games.

In those NFL games, Freeman had a whopping 10 touchdowns before a concussion against the Colts messed up his early season magic.

#8: Latavius Murray

Murray has all the tools to be a great running back in the NFL. He’s tall, strong, and extremely quick, a deadly combination. The Raiders ran him to death last season and he racked up 1,066 yards and 6 touchdowns in the process. For the Raiders to make the playoffs in 2016, they will need to give Murray more opportunities in open space.

#9: David Johnson

This ranking includes a bit of speculation, but David Johnson was spectacular in his time as a starting running back for the Cardinals. His full potential was on display in a fantastic game against the Eagles, in which he rushed for more than 150 yards and scored 3 touchdowns.

#10: Mark Ingram

This Saints running back finally figured out how to be highly productive in 2015. Ingram was a dangerous dual threat, accumulating 769 rushing yards and 405 receiving yards. That versatility makes him worthy of a spot on the list.

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