A panel of 18 members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association voted to award NHL ice hockey player Sidney Crosby, the coveted Conn Smythe trophy. This acknowledges him as the most valuable player in the season’s playoffs. Back in the 2005 draft, he was described as the most highly regarded pick in hockey history. His latest individual award has proven the talent scouts were right on the nail.

Best player in the world.

Jim Rutherford, the General Manager of Penguins agreed he deserved the Con Smyth Trophy as he has become “one of the great leaders in the League.” In Game six, he set up the goal that brought victory in Pittsburgh’s 3-1 win.

According to an ESPN report, the award gives him the ‘Mythical title” of best player in the world. It was fitting that one of the best players in the world should accept the Stanley Cup for a team who clawed their way from the bottom of the standings under coach Mike Sullivan.

Long list of awards.

Crosby does indeed deserve individual accolades. In 2009 he became the youngest captain in NHL history to lead a team that won the Stanley Cup. He battled with concussion through the 2010 and 2011 season, which makes his current form even more special. The long list of awards he has received includes the Art Ross, Hart and Ted Lindsay Awards.


Playing for the Canadian Olympic Ice-Hockey team in the 2010 Winter Olympics, he scored the gold medal game winning goal against the USA and went on to lead the Olympic team in the 2014 Olympics in Sochi in their gold medal achievement against Sweden.

Last year, when the Canadian team grabbed victory in the World Championships in Prague, he became a member of the Triple Gold Club. He was honored for being the captain of the top three winning teams.

Followed Dad’s footsteps.

Crosby started playing around with a puck when he was two years old and was probably trying to copy his Dad back then, who had played for the Verdun Junior Canadiens when he was a young man.

By the age of three, Crosby had learned to skate and he never really looked back. He handled his first media interview at just seven years old.

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