If you like the Summer Olympics, the NBC Sports Network is about to saturate its broadcast schedule with coverage.

More than 20 sports will be featured in 330 hours of coverage that will begin August 3, two days before the Opening Ceremonies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Coverage will continue through the closing ceremonies, August 21.

The NBC Sports Network comprises MSNBC and NBC as well as other small networks under the NBCUniversial umbrella. MSNBC will offer the most varied and expansive schedule in the network’s lineup.

According to the network's public relations division, MSNBC will concentrate on men's and women's Basketball and men's and women's soccer.

The network’s cable component is touting its scheduled coverage with the angle that a medal will be presented daily from August 6 through August 21.

NBC will offer 330 hours of coverage

MSNBC will broadcast the competition 16 hours per day, from 8 a.m. to midnight, Eastern Time.

Archery, boxing, cycling, fencing, field hockey, judo, open water swimming, rugby, shooting, synchronized swimming, table tennis, weightlifting and track and field.

Individual sports announcers have not been announced by NBC, but Bob Costas will anchor the broadcast in prime time hours for the United States audience. It will be his 10th time in the anchor role.

And arguably in more than any other occasion, it will be interesting to see how Costas handles his duties from Brazil, and the country’s current massive dilemma.

According to journalists from ESPN and PBS who have visited Rio de Janeiro in recent months, water sports venues are filthy. Likewise, there's massive violence and political unrest. The biggest concern for visitors is potential exposure to the Zika virus.

Athletes from several countries have removed themselves from team selection, most notably U.S.

cycling Tejay van Gardenen, Fujian golf Vijay Singh and Australian golf Marc Leishman. Van Garderen withdrew his name from consideration because his wife is pregnant with the couple's second child and be doesn't want to increase any chances of infection. Singh and Leishman both withdrew for general health concerns.

Will Costas and his colleagues ignore the host country’s problems or will the network cover the issues as a means of trying to showcase its intended objectivity?

For additional details of the Summer Olympics coverage on the NBC Olympic network, visit: NBCSportsGroupPressBox.com.

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