More details of suspension

A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that theWWE ordered Roman Reigns to apologize to everyone in the locker room, following the announcement of his 30-day suspension for violating the company’s Wellness Policy.

When Roman Reigns lost his WWE World Heavyweight title at the main event of theMoney in the Bankpay-per-view, with Seth Rollins picking up the win and Money in the Bank contract holder Dean Ambrose “cashing in” on Rollins mere minutes later, many fans breathed a sigh of relief. Despite WWE’s best efforts to push Reigns as the new face of the company, fans were generally less than enamored by the burly Reigns’ rapid rise to the main event, despite arguably being raw in terms of in-ring and promo skills.

At that time, majority of smart fans thought WWE’s creative team was finally listening to the “WWE Universe” and giving the title belt to someone more deserving.

As it turned out, it was all because Reigns had ran afoul of WWE’s Wellness Policy, with the company having known of this before Money in the Bank. That, as we know, may have led to the decision to strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but the humiliation wasn’t over for Reigns, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer.

The well-connected Meltzer’s sources claim that Reigns was asked by WWE Head of Talent Relations Mark Carrano to apologize to the entire locker room for the actions that led to his suspension.

Reactions to this move were mixed, with some wrestlers feeling that Reigns deserved the public humiliation, and others feeling that the estimated $100,000 Reigns stands to lose was punishment enough.

What’s interesting, though, was that the order came from Carrano, who reports directly to WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Paul Levesque (a.k.a.

Triple H), and not Levesque’s father-in-law, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon. That probably says a lot to fans who have accused McMahon of forcing “The Guy” down their throats, mostly on account of his powerful physique.

How was policy violated?

While Meltzer’s report adds color to what might be a real-life, behind-the-scenes power struggle between Triple H and McMahon, it didn’t answer the question many have been asking since Reigns was suspended – just how did he violate the Wellness Policy?

A separate report from Ringside News claims that Reigns had tested positive for amphetamines, a prohibited substance under the Wellness Policy that does carry a month-long suspension as a punishment. Earlier rumors had suggested possible marijuana use as the culprit, though as that report pointed out, testing positive for pot will only get a WWE performer fined, but not suspended.

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