The MLS league is increasingly being favored by Soccer players over the European leagues because the best leagues in Europe like the English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and French Ligue1, are very demanding and physical. Teams are gathered into a major competition like the Champions League which brings all the best players in Europe together to battle it out for the big trophy and to be crowned Champions of Europe.

To be Champions of Europe isn’t easy, not only are you playing against the best teams in Europe you are having to play in your league as well, and for the older players, 30 years of age +, it can be very challenging for their bodies.

Playing in the MLS the Competition isn’t as fierce but it is still as competitive as Europe.

Even big named players in America are known as legends in the Premier League, the likes of Brad Friedel, Tim Howard, Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan and America’s top talent Matt Miazga who is now at Chelsea FC.

Why MLS instead of Euro Leagues?

Why would you consider moving to the MLS if you have all the fantastic Euro leagues you can play in and against? Two of MLS’ marquee signings Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have both spoken about how moves were inspired by the desire to have new cultural experiences. Yet it is not just the big-name players who have spoken of their desire to live in America. Houston Dynamo’s Giles Barnes, formerly of Derby and West Brom, says he has found a home in Texas.

MLS over Euro due to money?

Other European players stars who have moved to the MLS include David Villa, Andrea Pirlo, Didier Drogba, Sebastian Giovinco, Ashley Cole, João Meira and David Mateosare all over the age of 30... so is it a easier league to play in or is it the lifestyle and money? It does seem to be a mixture of both.

Playing in America sounds amazing for Europeans, but nowadays it does come down to how much money they will be earning in accordance to the new lifestyle.

In Europe 32 teams enter the Champions League every year, the way to do that is by finishing in the top 4 in most leagues. In some leagues you have a play off to earn the right to play in the Champions League.

The overall league structure in the United States is significantly different; there is no system of promotion and relegationbetween lower and higher leagues, but rather aminor leaguesystem, generally the same as almostall other top-level pro sports leagues in North America.

In the American MLS the teams are not independent teams like they are in Europe, they are franchises. Soccer leagues in the United States also incorporate features common to other American sports leagues, most notably the determination of champions byplayoffsbetween the top teams after the conclusion of a league season. MLS formerly had a balanced schedule and prior to then used an unbalanced schedule but this has changed due to MLS's recent expansion.

US soccer leagues have become more similar to leagues in the rest of the world in recent years. MLS and USL now allow games to end in ties, which were initially avoided via a penalty shootout if scores were level at the end of play. This was done to avoid alienating mainstream American sports fans, who are not accustomed to tie games.

Choose MLS or playing for Europe?

Choosing between the two is a difficult one, they play two completely different types of Football and the lifestyles are not the same. Playing in Europe is fantastic, it is breath- taking at times but the game is now being controlled by money. Playing in America is an opportunity for European players that appeals when it is coming up to the end of their career.

It seems that when a European Player is coming to the end of their career, they would be looking to retire in America, whereas it is the opposite for the American Stars.

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