Every single sport has its own hard base fans, and also its own legend. When it comes to Formula 1, Michael Schumacheris the most prominent name of the 2000s. His achievements on the race track from all over the world will remain a milestone hard to reach for every driver who might try to do so. Schumacher was a constant name in Formula 1 starting with the early `90's. Throughout his career, his tremendous skill stood as a solid foundation for those seven world titles he won. His pivotal role within the F1 circuit was best-shown judging by the huge amount of fans who never stopped in getting behind him.

That tragic event in late 2013 emphasised even more, the special relation between Michael Schumacher and his fans.

The ski accident and follow-up.

In December 2013, while he was in the Alps, he was thevictim of a ski related accident. He bumped his head on a rock which gave him a severe injury. Following the news of his accident, the very first hospital where he was transferred, namely the one in Grenoble, France, was quickly surrounded by a huge army of TV crews, lots of fans, locals as well as many others. That particular form of hysteriaand many false rumors that followed could not have a positive outcome. Those who are close to Schumacher, his wife, in particular, were disturbed by all that noise.

As a result, the updates regarding Schumacher`s recovery have become rarer. The last piece of information widely availableshows that Michael Schumacher is currently going through a slow, gruelling process. Also, a while ago, his family decided to discourage every fake rumor by filing a lawsuit against those responsible for spreading false news.

The fans are entitled to some information.

This isolation strategy might fulfill Michael`s family needs, but the fans are being left out of the equation. Manyof them were quite patient, but there c0ome a time when patient fans deserve to know more. After all, they were those sitting in front of the TV for hours watching their idol competing in different corners of the world in a time when social media didn`t exist.

Back then there weren`t that many feeds of information. In the early 2000's, Schumacher won five consecutive world titles and totally dominatedFormula 1. At that time, there was no YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, so, a fans choices were limited. But now, with all these media channels, the lack of solid information on this matter represents the main reason for false rumors. More or less, it is a vacuum of information that needs to be filled.

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