Pat Summit

Women's Basketball was an afterthought insports for many years. In her early twenties, Pat Summit took over the Tennessee women's basketball program. The program did not have a tradition of winning, and few people thought that she could succeed there. She was young and lacked experience, but she had a tenacious work ethic. She won nearly 1,100 basketball games while at Tennessee, which is the most of any head basketball coach at any level. During her time at Tennessee, she won 8 national championships and never had a losing season. Her accomplishments go on and on, but he biggest impact is not the championships that she won.

She built women's sports up to where they are today, and that is why so many people are mourning her loss. Her legacy will live on forever in the sports history, and she is a great example to everyone on how to make an impact on others.


Pat Summit built a great program the right way. If a player missed a class without an excuse, that player had to miss the next game. It did not matter if that player was the best one on her team, the rules were the rules. To this day, the Tennessee Lady Vols still enforce this rule. Anyone who ever spent time around Pat knew just how much she loved her school. An old fable about her tells a great story of her tenacity. One year, Virginia beat the Lady Vols in a basketball game.

Pat Summit was pregnant with her son Tyler, and she was flying to a game. The pilot said that they could land in Virginia, but she refused to have her son in a state where she lost a game. I do not know if this is a verified story, but Pat Summit has many other examples of how much her work ethic and passion spilled over into her life.

Leaving a Legacy.

Pat Summit is a great example of leaving a legacy. Few basketball coaches in the country have had the impact that she had on a program. Throughout her time at Tennessee, she continued to develop players from all over the country. Hundreds of former Lady Vol basketball players and athletes have poured out their support for Pat Summit.

Even President Obama awarded her the highest civilian honor possible from the United States. It is a sad day today now that she is gone. However, we all can live our lives based on the legacy that she left.

We love you Coach Summit.

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