From bad to worse

Bad things just keep happening to former Cleveland Brown quarterback Johnny Manziel. One thing is for certain, wherever Johnny Manziel goes trouble will soon follow. Things have gotten so bad with Johnny Manziel and his addiction that even his own father Paul Manziel has given up hope.

Paul Manziel seriously believes that if his son does not get help asap he will most likely die soon. Such a sad way for any parent to have to live their lives. The 23-year-old athlete could have had such a bright and successful future in the NFL had he not gotten caught up in the vicious world of addiction.

While his family prays and begs him to seek help daily, his father revealed that his son's fame and huge bank account has fueled his addiction and at this time they are a loss for ideas on how to help their son any further. He also believes at this point it would be extremely beneficial for Johnny to just get arrested and remain behind bars. At least in prison he would be forced to dry out.

Family at a loss

The Manziel's feel that their hands are tied and they are exhausted from dealing with their son's very public issues. It seems that all there is left to do is come to the self realizations that he needs professional help now, that is if he values his life at all. Hopefully he will realize sooner rather than later his parents, family, and friends are not out to get him, only help him.

Sadly more and more young celebrities are finding the fast track to success can and will turn dangerous if they do not have the proper support systems such as family, friends, and self-control backing them. He could take a hard look at other young celebrities that have had difficulty in maintaining their fame and fortune such as Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, and Amanda Bynes to name a few that have had very public struggles with their health and the law.

At times even the strongest support systems are not always enough. Addiction in any form is a cruel demon, it cares not who it destroys.

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