Change for change sake

Sometimes change is needed just for the sake of change. But imaginegoing to most college Football programs that have a third year coach -- who averages 10 wins per year -- in place. Say he is graduating players, keeping out of the news for the wrong reasons and in general, is a good personwhorepresents the university in a positive way. Now, you suggest he needs to go for the sake of change. Here's your hat, there's the door! That is very likely the response you would receive.

Does that mean Georgia's decision to part withMark Richt after 15 years and 145 wins was a bad one?

Specifically regarding Richt, time will tell. However, moving on from a coach who averages winning 10 games a year in year three is a much different dynamic than in year 15.

A winner all the way around

From an analyst perspective, the move from Georgia to Miami for Coach Richt has great potential. It could become one of those rare occasions where such a move works well for everyone. Richt went home to the school where he played. Miamigets a coachofproven integrity who can win big in the big time atmosphere. Heis also a tireless recruiter and can relate to players. Mark Richt is the perfect fit for the Miami program.

Given all the positives of Richt, how could Georgia possibly do as well? The university made a bold move in deciding to go with Kirby Smart, who at 41, is getting his first shot as a head coach.

The first thing to consider is Richt's 145 wins in 15 years! His teams won the division seven times, the conference championship twice and finished in the national top ten eight times.

Big money boosters wanted change

The issue with Richt at Georgia wasn't about what he did,ratherwhat he failed to do.

The university felt strongly that the program had gone as far as it ever would under Richt's leadership. Therefore, even though he regularly won ten or more games, the school decided to take the risk of bringing in someone else.

Why the Bulldogs will surprise in 2016

Head Coach:First, because their coach is much better than his age or head coaching experience would suggest.

Nick Saban worked to make sure Smart was the highest paid defensive coordinator in college ball in 2012 because he recognized Smart's talent. Smart has been the highest paid member of Coach Saban's staff since 2010 for the same reason. Georgia offered him a lucrative package to become the defensive coordinator in 2010 but Alabama voted to increase his salary and extend his contract to keep him then.Obviously, when 3.7 million was offered for the head coaching position, the gig was up for Alabama.

Offensive Coordinator:Jim Chaney left Pittsburgh to come back to the SEC and be Kirby Smart's OC. He has been coaching quarterbacks, offensive passing games and offensive coordinator for the past 30 years.

His most productive stops were Purdue --where he and Joe Tiller created the spread offense. He coached the offensive line and tight ends for the NFL's St. Louis Rams, he's coached offenses and quarterbacks at Tennessee, Arkansas and Pittsburgh. Everywhere Chaney has coached his passing offenses have been among the best in college football and his offenses have been very productive -- excluding Tennessee's QB injury year of 2011. Chaney will have an immediate impact on the Georgia defense and will be a great coach of quarterbacks Greyson Lambert and nation's number one recruit, Jacob Eason.

Defensive Coordinator:Mel Tucker, most recently was the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars--DC and Head Coach--and Cleveland Browns.

He is an excellent DC and will have an immediate impact on the Bulldogs defense.

Players:Besides the consensus number one overall pick and quarterback, Jacob Eason, the Bulldogs average ranking of the previous four recruiting classes is number six in the nation. So, this team is loaded with great football players.

All the ingredients are here for a big winner. Best of all, expectations aren't too high, either.

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