Florida's Fall From Grace

Last year, the Florida Gators started off the year as one of the surprise teams of 2015. After barely scraping by a good Tennessee team, Florida was in a good position down the stretch. However, news came out about their quarterback taking illegal steroids. He was banned from playing the rest of the year, and many people thought that Florida would be fine. Although the Gators won the SEC East, they were destroyed in the championship game by Alabama. In addition, Michigan soundly defeated them in their bowl game. All Florida fans have a nervous eye turned towards this season as the streak against Tennessee looks to be in doubt.

Georgia has a new Football coach, and the Vols have their most talented team in over a decade. Phil Steele is a college football writer with decades of experience. He currently has the Gators as the 34th team in his annual preseason rankings.

Georgia and Tennessee

Both SEC East rivals look to be matchup problems for Florida this year. Georgia will be breaking in a new quarterback in Eason, but they always have a strong running game. Tennessee returns more starters than any power 5 team in the country, and the talent is there to compete for the SEC this year in Knoxville. Florida needs to come out swinging in order to have a chance to win against these two teams. Although the defense will be stout as always, it is the offense that needs the work.

Any Florida fan hoping for a good season needs to watch the offense. Florida will not be able to succeed with an offense like it had going down the stretch last year.


Florida tends to be on those teams that always sneaks into a solid bowl game. The program still has a good name brand, and over the long term fans expect them to compete.

Without any offensive firepower, it is going to be hard to see the Gators competing for the top spot in the SEC East. They also have to play Florida State this year, who some people are picking as the national champion for the 2016 season.

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