NFL Contracts.

Contracts in the NFL continue to get bigger every year. There are many players who continue to holdout from signing a contract in preparation for landing a massive deal. Von Miller, hero of the last Super Bowl, has yet to sign a contract with the Denver Broncos. After the latest deal with Fletcher Cox was released, this may be a great deal for him. Many NFL teams are worried about the inflation of players. With this latest contract, there is $63 million guaranteed over the next six years. This is the largest contract in NFL history for a player that does not play quarterback. Many NFL players have a massive drop off in production after signing large deals.

There are plenty of example from the league of this over the years.

No NFL Recession.

The NFL continues to see growth in both followers and active watchers every year. Fantasy Football has a huge role in this growth, but the talent level of the players continues to increase as well. Some political figures have called out the NFL for making massive profits while the players suffer with their health. However, with the money being this good, there are always going to be some people who take the risk and decide to play for the league. In a time where the American economy is struggling to grow, the NFL is doing a great job of building profits.

Eagles Cap Room.

The Eagles have made several interesting moves over the past few years from their front office.

From trading a star running back to having multiple quarterbacks, many people feel like there are a lot of erratic moves out of this franchise. Signing a star player to a new contract is nothing new in the NFL. However, this could have a major affect on the cap room of the Eagles going forward. There are a lot of people who want to see the Eagles build for the future.

While Fletcher Cox is a great player, unless he continues to have great production the Eagles are stuck paying a lot of money to one player who may not be worth it. Time will tell whether this was a smart move, but one thing that we do know is that Fletcher Cox is about to get paid.

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