Stanford 2016 outlook

Stanford had one of the most impressive performances in the bowl games for the 2015 season. Not only did they completely destroy an overrated Iowa team, but they looked good doing it. Stanford is one of the few schools in the country that has been able to balance great academics and great success on the field. Stanford has several things going for it this year.

  • Strong rushing attack
  • Tough defense
  • Desire to achieve more

Some people thought that Stanford should have been included in the 2015 playoffs. A bad early season loss to an overrated Northwestern team (Tennessee beat them 45-6 in the bowl game) took away that dream.

Stanford players are hungry for more, and this should help propel them to great heights next year.

Kansas State 2016 outlook

Kansas State achieves way more each year than their talent should allow. Despite having one of the worst recruiting records of any power 5 school, Kansas State is always in the discussion. Bill Snyder built the program up from nothing, and in this way he is one of the legends of college Football. Kansas State always plays disciplined football, but this will not be enough against Stanford. Kansas State can sneak up on some sloppy teams that may have more talent and win. However, Stanford is one of the highest rated teams in the country coming into this year. With a great running back returning, Kansas State will have a difficult job trying to stop Stanford.

Game prediction

Stanford allowed a less talented team sneak up on them in the first game of the season last year. You can bet that this will not be the case in 2016. Kansas State is a team that plays hard and disciplined. The problem for them is that Stanford does those things and has way more talent.

Although this game may be close early, expect a double digit victory for the Stanford Cardinal. Kansas State will try to limit big plays by the Stanford offense, and this may work early on. However, the talent and discipline at Stanford will eventually overwhelmed the Wildcats.

Prediction: 38-17 Stanford

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