New Year, New Coach

The Georgia Bulldogs have been one of the most consistent teams in the country for the past decade. The problem is that they have not won an SEC championship since 2005. To put that year in perspective, we had not had a housing crash and George W. Bush was still a popular President. After a year of average again, Mark Richt was fired and a new head coach has been brought in. Kirby Smart has been the defensive coordinator at Alabama for many years, and he is now taking over a team that has a lot of holes. Landing freshman Jacob Eason was a huge get for the Bulldogs. There are a lot of people who have high hopes for him this year.

Improved Defense

Georgia always had a great defense during their great run. Just a few years ago, they were a couple of plays away from playing Notre Dame in the national championship. Many people believe that Georgia would have won the championship that year had they played Notre Dame. Being that close to glory and falling just short is hard on fans. Kirby Smart is ready to bring a new scheme to his defense. With a first year head coach, there are going to be some growing pains. However, Kirby Smart is a great recruiter and has learned from the best under Nick Saban at Alabama.

Touch Schedule

One of the factors against the Bulldogs this year is their tough schedule. They usually play Georgia Tech every year, and their permanent conference opponent is Auburn.

In addition, Tennessee is a rising power in the SEC East under head coach Butch Jones. Many people expect that Tennessee will win the SEC East title this year. However, there are always upsets in the SEC. Tennessee pulled out a narrow win against the Bulldogs last year, and Kirby Smart will look to avenge that loss.

With their current schedule, it looks like Georgia will win 8-9 games. That should be considered a successful season, especially with the top recruits that Kirby Smart is signing. Over the long term, things are looking up in Athens. However, this year Georgia fans can expect to lose a couple of close games.

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