The University of Texas parted ways with Coach Mack Brown several years ago. There are a lot of people who thought that the Longhorns would easily be able to replicate his success. Anyone who has watched the team over the past couple of years has to be disappointed with the results. Even though they are getting better, the University of Texas Football team did beat Oklahoma last year. With all of the bad losses, there are a lot of people who are thinking about the next head coach in line. However, with his success, Charlie Strong can turn around the struggling program.

Where's the Offense.

One of the biggest problems with Texas in the past couple of years is the lack of offense.

Gone are the days of the Texas offense that put up 70 points in a Big 12 Championship win in 2005 against Colorado. Gone are the days of Ricky Williams running over everyone in his path. If he is going to have success in the future, Charlie Strong must bring more offensive firepower to the team. There are a lot of great recruits coming to the program because of the problems over at Baylor. This is the time for the Longhorns to rise up. Anyone who is expecting a championship season is going to be disappointed again. Oklahoma is going to be looking for revenge against Texas, and there is a big chance the Longhorns lose an out of conference game. But with an 8 or 9 win season, Texas could show fans that progress is being made in Austin.

Season Outlook.

In our top 25 countdown, the Texas Longhorns come in at #24. Some people may think this is too high, but with a weak schedule they have a great opportunity to end up at this spot at the end of the year. Anyone who wants to be against Charlie Strong may be getting ahead of themselves. He inherited a lot of problems when he started in this position, and he has worked hard to turn the problems around.

If the Longhorns can start to produce on offense, they have a good chance of sneaking up on some people this year. For his sake, Charlie Strong needs a good year.

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