The Chip Kelly era is over

For many years, Oregon had the most prolific and dangerous offense in the country. After Chip Kelly left to coach the Philadelphia Eagles, many people thought that this would simply continue. The head coach of the Ducks worked under Chip Kelly for many years. However, things are simply not the same since he has left. Many fans are starting to wonder aloud about whether they will ever have great seasons again. Oregon came very close to a national championship twice. However, the team could simply not get over the hump. Ohio State and Auburn both defeated Oregon in the national championship game when they played.

For 2016, the Oregon Ducks come it at our #23 team in college Football.

Strength of schedule

The Pac-12 is the most underrated conference in college football. USC is rising again, and Stanford returns perhaps the best freshman in the country in their running back. It will be interesting to see whether Oregon can weather a tough schedule and garner some wins. There are many people who are afraid that they will not be able to do so. If the Ducks start off poorly, many of the fans are going to lose hope. Historically, Stanford has had an easier time dealing with the Ducks' offense than other teams. Their disciplined style of defensive play has shut down Oregon in the past. In order to have a successful season, Oregon needs to beat either USC or Stanford.

Where's the D?

Defense was never a strong point under Chip Kelly, but he always had a team that could make plays. Oregon's offense helps the team get up in points, and then the defense attacks to force turnovers. This balance was simply not there last season. The Oregon defense is typically smaller and faster.

This bodes well against many teams, but against power running teams like Stanford it poses a problem. If Oregon is going to have success this year, they must start producing more on the defensive side of the football. We expect Oregon to lose 3-4 games this year and be a top 25 fringe team. With a tough conference schedule and a lack of talent, it could be a tough year for Ducks fans.

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