The fall of the Trojans

It seems like yesterday that USC was dominating every opponent in their path on the way to a 3 peat national championship. After falling to Texas in 2005, the Trojans never really recovered. Both Oregon and Stanford have become more competitive, and it is difficult for the Trojans to dominate like before.

Pete Carrol left to coach the Seattle Seahawks nearly a decade ago. After the allegations were laid against the university, the Trojans had to deal with a loss of scholarships. After many years of mediocrity, the Trojans have the opportunity to open up their season in a great fashion.

USC is playing Alabama, which is the best football program in the country right now. If the Trojans can somehow win that opening game, they will be on the inside track to the college Football playoff.


USC is known as one of the most successful programs in the history of college football for a variety of reasons. The college has one of the most prestigious records of putting players into the NFL, and USC tends to have a Heisman trophy winner every ten years or so. USC still has playmakers, but they must do a better job of getting them the ball. After hiring away a coach from Washington, USC had to fire the coach for being drunk on the job. Fans are hoping that all of the drama is behind them, and rising coach Tee Martin is now at the head of the offense.

Tee Martin played quarterback for the University of Tennessee in 1998 when they won a national championship. If USC can improve its offense, it has the talent to win the league.

Engaging the fans

One of the problems that USC faces is that there is so much to do in Los Angeles. Unlike Alabama, Nebraska, or Tennessee USC fans have a lot of competition for fun on the weekends.

Fan support is eroding after the great run with Reggie Bush and Lendale White. The university needs more fan support, and that is only going to come by winning. Starting out against Alabama with a win would put them on the map of the college football elite again.

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