Another losing season?

Last year, Nebraska finished the regular season with a 5-7 record.Head coach Mike Riley was able to squeak into a bowl game, as the rules changed to allow losing teams to get in. The team pulled off a great upset against UCLA, and now Nebraska fans have their sights set on 2016.

In the history of college Football, few programs have as much hardware as Nebraska. They were one of the most dominant programs of the 1990's, and many people consider the 1995 Nebraska team to be the best of all time. Anyone who is looking for a crystal ball about this years team is not going to find it.

Inconsistent is the best way to describe a Nebraska football program over the past decade.

Competing in the Big Ten

A few years ago, Nebraska made the jump over to the Big Ten. This was a move that caught a lot of people by surprise, but they wanted to get out of the same conference as Texas. Since the move, Nebraska has struggled to adapt to the rough style of play. Ohio State is a national power, and Michigan is looking better every year. Many people are starting to wonder aloud about whether Nebraska can return to its former glory as one of the best college football programs in the nation. Over the past couple of years, fans have started to get antsy about the future of the program. In order to get back on the right track, Nebraska must start competing in the Big Ten.

Lack of defense

Nebraska had one of the best defenses in the country every year when it was on its run of national dominance. Gone are the days of Nebraska football where offenses are afraid to go into Lincoln, Nebraska. As a member of the Big Ten, Nebraska needs to learn to play tough defense. Without it, they will struggle to succeed.

Nebraska does have several positive things going for it. They return a lot of starters, and this is the main reason they come in at #20 on our countdown. Some people may feel like this is a little high, but based on the talent they have returning and the way they finished last season, there is room for optimism in Lincoln, Nebraska this year.

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