Houston Cougars

Houston is one of the best teams in the country on offense. Over the past season, Tom Hermann has started to develop a great team that is able to score on anyone in the country. This past season, Houston had a great season with only one loss.

When they faced Florida State in their bowl game, there were few people who game them a chance. However, the motivated Cougars squad was able to defeat Florida State and finish out a dream season. This is a great example of the impact that just a couple of plays can make on a season.

New Coach

There are few coaches in the country who can win with little talent.

Tom Hermann has done a great job at Houston, and he has capitalized on the traditional state powers being down. Texas is not at the top of their game right now, and Baylor is involved in a massive scandal. This is a great thing for schools like Houston that are trying to get new recruits to sign on. Over the long term, there are a lot of coaches who would love to be in his position.

2016 outlook

Houston opens its schedule against a tough opponent in Oklahoma. Like the bowl game, there are a lot of people who will doubt this young team. One of the major factors that helped Houston in the bowl game was that Florida State was not motivated to be there. This was a team that had its sights set on the national championship.

History tells us that teams that are in this situation tend to fair poorly against those that are excited to be in their bowl game. In order to take the next step as a program, Houston is going to have to go undefeated this year. With all of the talk of a college Football playoff, a team from the American conference can have no blemishes.

Even if Houston has one loss, a two loss SEC is probably going to get in over them. This is nothing against Houston, but it shows the importance of strength of schedule when deciding which teams make it in. Houston has done a great job of building up their football program, and they are about to reach the rewards of their hard work.

Can Houston go undefeated this year?

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