Can Miami Return to Glory?

Miamihas a rich tradition of Football success dating back several decades. However, since moving to the ACC, the school has had little success on a national level. To make matters worse, Florida State is one of the elite programs in all of college football.

Football teams no longer fear playing the Hurricanes, and this could spell trouble for the future of the program. Over the long term, recruiting is the lifeblood of the program. There is plenty of high school football talent in the Miami area, but the school has to do a better job of selling national recruits on their success.

Discipline Issues.

The University of Miami has long been plagued by discipline issues from players. This reputation has followed them over the years, and many people feel like this holds them back in recruiting. When the school was winning national championship every couple of seasons, this was not a big deal. People tend to overlook these issues when you are winning big. However, now that the winning has stopped, Miami must deal with the culture of their football program. After the latest allegations were levied against the program, the Hurricanes must assess how to plan for the future.

2016 Outlook.

The outlook for 2016 is one of a young team looking to build for the future. This is not the year where Miami will compete for a ACC title against Florida State or Clemson.

In fact, many people would say that Miami was lucky to escape with the wins that they had last year. Without a blown call late vs Duke, the Hurricanes would have lost that game. Over the long term, the program must return to where it was in previous years. There are a lot of people who wonder aloud about whether the football program will ever be the same.

Fan support is very low right now, and the Hurricanes must start producing in order to recruit better. The Al Golden era is over, and now is the time to build for the future. For the 2016 Hurricanes, the time is now or never.

What is your prediction for Miami this season?

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