South Carolina

For many decades, South Carolina was an afterthought in the SEC. The Gamecocks have never won an SEC championship, and Steve Spurrier came to Columbia in 2005 looking to make an impact. It took him several years, but he was eventually able to build a program to rival Clemson and other SEC powers.

His teams won 11 games three years in a row, which is a difficult feat to accomplish, and even won an SEC East championship before being destroyed by Auburn. However, last year Steve Spurrier abruptly left his team. He said that he had enough, and Will Muschamp has been hired to take over.

There are a lot of nervous fans waiting for the start of the season. The Gamecocks have had several bad recruiting classes, and many people think they are on the decline.

Where's Pharaoh?

Pharaoh Cooper was the best player on the team last year, bar none. He was able to make plays with his feet and with his passing abilities on trick plays. He was the biggest offensive weapon the team had, and now he is playing in the NFL. No one knows who the go-to guy is going to be this year for South Carolina, and that is a bad place to be in. In order to compete at a high level in the SEC, you must continue to recruit with the best. This simply did not take place in the last few years of the Steve Spurrier regime.

Skai Moore Injured.

Another crushing blow for the 2016 team came when it was reported that Skai Moore was out for the year. He was their best defensive player last year, and he was always there when they needed to make a play. A lot of people are starting to wonder about how the defense will survive without his leadership.

Some fans are already saying that the defense will be the worst it has been in over a decade. Gone are the days of Clowney and other defensive studs. Over the long term, South Carolina is going to struggle to attract top talent. Will Muschamp can coach defense, but he has his work cut out for him this year.

We think that South Carolina will fall this season, and they are in danger of only winning 2 or 3 games.

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