The 2016 NFL quarterback draft class was one of the worst in history. There was no clear cut number one quarterback, and many NFL teams decided to go another direction with their draft choice. Over the past couple of years, the value of the quarterback has increased dramatically in college. Offenses are now much more complex, and this requires a quarterback who can execute the offense both mentally and physically.

Which college Football teams return the best quarterbacks for 2016? Here are our rankings.


Deshaun Watson is the best quarterback in the country. No other quarterback has his size, speed and throwing ability.

He is a great example of the impact that a player can make on a team. As a younger player, he still has a lot of time to grow into his role. There are many people who think that he is the best overall player in the country this year, and he has a great shot of winning the Heisman trophy.


Seth Russell is a name that many college football fans do not know very well. Before his injury last season, he was putting up great numbers with the Baylor offense. There are many people who do not realize just how talented this player is. If he can recover from his injury, he is going to be a major problem for people who need to defend him.


Baker Mayfield is just a football player. He is the type of player who can impress you on game day but not at the NFL combine.

He may not be physically imposing, but he is a great leader who can take the next step in 2016. There are a lot of quarterbacks who are physically better than Mayfield, but matching his intangibles is a tough task.


Josh Rosen is a player who just keeps producing. Despite a disappointing bowl loss last year, UCLA had a great season that they are looking to build on.

Rosen will be a key part of that, and fans in Los Angeles are excited about what he brings to the table.


Josh Dobbs is a dual threat quarterback who is a natural leader on the field. He is not a perfect passer, but he understands how to make plays. He is one of the smartest players in the nation, and he shows that on the field with his football IQ.

Tennessee has the horses to make a run this year, and Dobbs will be a key part of that.

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