The Lineup:


Pitcher: Jason Hammel he is 2-0 against St. Louis this season.

  • Coghlan, Chris LF
  • Heyward, Jason RF
  • Bryant, Kris 3B
  • Rizzo, Anthony 1B
  • Zobrist, Ben 2B
  • Contreas, Willson C
  • Russell, Addison SS
  • Almora, Albert CF
  • Hammel, Jason P


Pitcher: Adam Wainwright he is 5-4 with a 4.78 ERA and has improved in the last month.

  • Carpenter 2B
  • Diaz, A, SS
  • Holliday LF
  • Piscotty RF
  • Peralta, Jh 3B
  • Molina, C
  • Moss, 1B
  • Wong, CF
  • Wainwright, P


First Half of the Game

In the first inning, Coghlan singles on a line drive to left field. Coghlan is on first base with no outs. Heyward ends up walking putting Coghlan at second and Heyward at first for Kris Bryant.

Bryant hits the ball to center field ball was caught. Coghlan advanced to third base. Anthony Rizzo hit the ball into shallow center field. Coghlan scored. Cubs lead 1-0 with two outs. Zobrist grounds out ending the first inning at 1-0 Cubs. In the second inning, Piscotty hits the ball to Heyward. Heyward juggles the ball. Piscotty is safe at second. Peralta pops out to Rizzo in foul territory. Molina grounds out to Rizzo. Piscotty advances to third base. Moss singles and Piscotty scores, Cardinals tie with Cubs 1-1 with two outs. Wong walks Moss to second with two outs. Wainwright lines out to Russell. End of the top of the second, 1-1. In the third inning, Carpenter homers, Cardinals now lead 2-1.

Diaz singles on a line drive to the left fielder. Holliday hits his thirteenth home run to center field. Cardinals now lead 4-1 top of the third with no outs. Almora diving catch, first out. Peralta strikes out, two outs. Molina fly out to Heyward. End of the top of the third Cardinals leads 4-1. Coghlan walks.

Heyward doubles and Coghlan scores from first, Cubs trail 4-2 with no outs. Kris Bryant flies out to left. One out with Rizzo up to bat. Rizzo flies out to first Wainwright covers first to get Rizzo; Heyward advances to third. Zobrist strikes out swinging. End of the third Cubs trail Cardinals 2-4. In the fourth inning, Contreras gets a base hit stays at first.

Russell singles. Contreras at third with nobody out. Almora Jr. grounds to the second baseman to first. Double play but, Contreras scores. Cubs trail 3-4 two outs. Hammel strikes out. End of the fourth inning Cubs trail 3-4.

Second Half

In the seventh inning, Russell doubles with nobody out. Almora Jr. flies out to left one out. Montero pinch-hits, grounds out at first, Russell to third with two outs. Pitching change to Jonathan Broxton. Coghlan walks with two outs. Heyward grounds out three outs. Cubs trail 3-4 after seven the eighth inning, defensive changes Bryant moves to left field and Baez is at third with Strop pitching. Diaz hit by pitch goes to first. Holliday strikes out, one out.

Piscotty flies out to left playable for Bryant two outs. Peralta strike out, three outs. End of the top of the eighth Cardinals leads 4-3. Defensive change Pham in left field and Kevin Siegrist pitching. Bryant grounds to third thrown to first one out. Rizzo walks with one out. Zobrist grounds into double play, shortstop to second to first, three outs Cubs trail 3-4 after eight innings. In the ninth inning, Pitching changes to Trevor Rosenthal. Contreras strikes out, one out. Russell base hit. Russell to first with one out. Almora Jr. strikes out, two outs. Baez walks, Russell to second with two outs. Szcur is pinch-hitting, grounds into a force out fielded by the shortstop. Baez out at second.

Cardinals beat the Cubs 4-3

End Result

St. Louis's Wainwright takes a win 6-4. Hammel takes a loss 7-3, 2-1 against the St. Cardinals. Cardinals back 10.5 games. The Chicago Cubs hope to avoid a sweep with tomorrow's game at 1:20 CST on ABC 7.

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