The Return to Prominence.

Jim Harbaugh is one of the most respected coaches in the entire country. Starting at Stanford, he led a dead program to new heights. While leading a team with inferior talent, he defeated a USC team that was favored by over 40 points!

He has done great things in his first year at Michigan, and was one crazy play away from doing even better. Michigan botched a win against Michigan State last year when the punter fumbled the snap. Michigan State was lucky to get the win, and they went on to be defeated by Alabama in the first round of the playoff. Many college Football experts have Michigan in their top five going into the new year.

It will be interesting to see whether or not Michigan rises up to the hype.


Michigan has a fairly easy schedule compared to many other teams across the country. Michigan State lost a lot of talent off of their roster, so that game should be easier this year. In addition, Michigan had a young team that was still developing last year. Anyone who thinks that Michigan is going to worse this year did not see how bad their roster was last year. The success of Michigan in 2015 is a direct result of coaching. Few people are better coaches across the country than Jim Harbaugh. Over the next few years, Michigan fans are hoping that Harbaugh can take the program back to where it was. Even Donald Trump could win with this schedule.

Winning History.

Michigan has a strong tradition of winning at a high level. Over the past few years, the program has fallen on some hard times. Amid a string of bad coaching hires, Michigan was relegated to third or fourth best in their conference. Urban Meyer has been on a tear at Ohio State, and he won a national title just a year ago.

Michigan fans are hoping that coach Harbaugh keeps them in the hunt for a national title every year going forward. With how weak the Big Ten is, this should be a lot easier than if they were in another conference. The Big Ten had a terrible showing in their bowl games outside of Michigan and Ohio State.

Iowa, Northwestern, and Michigan State were all beat by more than 4 touchdowns in their respective bowl games against Stanford, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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