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Arkansas has a nice football program in the toughest conference in the country. Having to play Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, and Auburn every year is not easy for anyone. Last year, the Razorbacks had a couple of early upsets that did not help things. The team is built around running the Football and playing great defense. Although they have had some success recently, fan expectations are starting to become more than the coaches can manage. Over the long term, for Arkansas to compete they have to recruit at a high level. The good news is that many of the football programs in Texas are struggling to compete this year.

Baylor is in a scandal, and the University of Texas has struggled in recent years on the field. In fact, Arkansas beat Texas handily in a bowl game several seasons ago. This was a major win for the program, but it increased the overall fan expectations to the levels they are at today.

Hunter Henry Leaves for NFL

The offense at Arkansas is built around running the football and throwing to the tight ends. There are a lot of great tight ends that have come through the program. Hunter Henry was drafted in the 2nd round of the NFL draft this year. This is a great sign for the program, and anyone who is looking to excel at the next level should consider going to this program at this position. Anyone who is looking for answers with their football program needs to look at recruiting.

Although they are signing top 25 classes, this is not enough to compete at a high level in the SEC.

2016 Season Outlook

The 2016 season looks to be a rough one for the Razorbacks. After stringing together several great seasons, they are now looking at having to deal with high expectations. Few coaches want their teams to have high exceptions going into the season after having NFL talent leave for the draft.

Anyone who is a fan of the program needs to make sure they understand the talent level on the team. Unlike years past, this could be a rough year for Arkansas fans.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

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