Alvaro Morata joining the Arsenal?

The rumor mill has been buzzing, as many think that Alvaro Morata, the Juventus striker, may have ties to Arsenal. Even if that were true, and even if, hypothetically, a deal were in the works, the larger question at hand is: could Morata be the right fit? Morata has been building quite a reputation for himself as a closer, as someone you can count on when the game hangs in the balance and you need a goal to seal the victory -- just as he proved against AC Milan in the Coppa Italia Final as his goal guaranteed a second consecutive domestic double for his team -- further adding to his own personal lore.

Since joining Juventus last season, Alvaro Morata has been every bit as advertised, coming through in the clutch to deliver when it matters most. Even so, it seems that the consensus is that the Coppa Italia Final is the last time anyone is going to see Morata in an Old Lady uniform, as there is the potential for Real Madrid to acquire the Spaniard's talents via a buy-back clause. Even with that possibility on the table, there seems to be an even stronger pull coming from Arsenal, as the 23-year-old striker is still at the top of Arsene Wenger's list in terms of who he wants to absorb into his Arsenal.

In his own words, Morata seems convinced that his talents will be well suited for England and Wenger.

When it comes to his overall talent, there's no question that Morata possesses immense skill and finishing ability, all of which make him an attractive prospect for anyone that's in the running to sign him. What's more, by his own admission, Morata still considers himself to be developing, and there's definitely a high probability that he will grow into his skills even more than he already has -- which, again, is encouraging for any teams looking to take him from Juventus and make him a permanent fixture as part of their squad.

When it comes down to individual statistics, there are certainly more seasoned, well polished players ahead of the young striker, as he made 12 goals in 47 appearances throughout the course of the 2015/2016 season. Arsenal certainly need someone more consistent, and it's possible that while he is talented and while he does show flashes of brilliance, Alvaro Morata may not be the player that ArseneWenger is looking for.

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