Aaron Rodgers, as every cheesehead across the world knows, is a famous Football player who lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin where he plays for the Green Bay Packers. Everyone knows he is dating the talented actress, Olivia Munn, and fans are all hoping he will pop the question and marry her, preferably in the off-season so he can focus on the game when it matters. Like all superheroes, people want to get to know him better; they want to be inspired by his success. Fans and admirers see Aaron on the screen and playing in stadiums, but how can they get to know the real man behind all the cheese?

Does social networking reveal the real person behind the public face?

According to a study done by Stanford Graduate School of Business, “social media … reveals information closer to our true selves than … in brief face-to-face interactions.” As Techco explains in an article about privacy, many people use an alias to prevent revealing too much of themselves, but famous Aaron can hardly do that when he has such a strong following. That option is closed to him. His tweets are careful and mainly related to football. Fans cannot blame him for keeping his personal life to himself, but every fan would like to find out more. Privacy is important to everyone, but if anyone follows another profile on Twitter, in a way they are permitting the world to draw conclusions about the things that move them, influence them or fascinate them.


The fact that Aaron follows MACC Fund, tells us he a caring person. He cares about the kids who suffer from cancer, and he supports the research being done for those kids. This special bond that he has with children who suffer cancer or bereavement from the disease is confirmed when Twitter shows he follows Gold in September, a mission that raises awareness about kids who deal with cancer.

A simple Google search will lead you to Aaron’s website, itsaaron, and there we find out about the beautiful gestures he makes that light up the lives of the youngsters like Annie Bartosz who lost her twin brother to pediatric cancer.


Aaron either has a lot of friends who make music, or he has an interest in music that spans a number of genres.

Aaron follows ultra-famous Justin Timberlake, the chart-topping artist, Acceptance, who describe themselves as a non-defunct rock band from Seattle, Washington,Kaleo, the Icelandic rock band, formed in 2012, and American country singer, Jack Owen.

Other sports.

Aaron enjoys golf. You don’t need to read the report on CBS Sports who covered Aaron’s recent round of golf with President Obama, to know that he likes the game. Even if you were not aware that Aaron has an Official USGA Handicap at the Green Bay Country Club, Twitter will let you know that he likes the game, when you see who he follows. There’s Matthew Jones, who qualified for the 2016 Open Championship Last year, and Steve Stricker, the pro-golfer who plays on the PGA Tour.

What tickles him?

Aaron has a sense of humor. How do we know this, when most of us Packers fans never get to have a chat and laugh with him? Twitter shows that he follows Pete Holmes, the standup comedian, podcaster and show host, and English comedian, actor, and director Ricky Gervais.

There are lots of other footballers, as you would expect, and yes, Olivia Munn is being followed as well, but before you rush off and try toanalyze Aaron any further, maybe you should go and check out what the Twitter accounts you follow are saying about your own life.

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