In the James Dolan era, there has been no shortage of terrible moves made by Knicks management. The team has been in decline since the start of the millennium. Let's take a look at a few of those atrocious transactions below.

2001: A $100 million contract extension

Allan Houston was signed to a ludicroussix yearcontract that saw him play two solid seasons before he began to struggle. He didn't play for the last two years of his contract, but the Knicksremainedon the hook for an extra 40 million dollars.

2002: Bad trade

The Knicks traded Marcus Camby, Mark Jackson, and Nene for Frank Williams and Antonio McDyess.This draft day deal almost immediately proved to be a mistake.

The injury prone McDyess lasted only one season with the Knicks while Camby went on to become one of the more solid centers in the NBA. Frank Williams barely played in his time with the Knicks, ceding a majority of his time to Stephon Marbury after he joined the Knicks in 2004.

2003: Hiring Isiah Thomas

This move proved to be one of the worst ones in Dolan's career. The Knicks paid their players someof the highestsalaries in the NBA, but the team struggled to even make it to the playoffs. Thomas also chose to trade away severallottery picks in order to procure Eddie Curry from the Bulls. Those lottery picks would later turn into Joakim Noah and Lamarcus Aldridge, players who have been highly productive in their NBA time.

His propensity for making deals and signing fringe players to big deals was a huge part of the reason why the Knicks franchise collapsed after 2000.

2004: The Stephon Marbury trade

The Knicks traded a 2004 first round draft pick, a 2010 first round pick, and several other Knicks players to the Suns in return for a Stephon Marbury, Penny Hardaway, and Cezary Trybanski.

Marbury was productive in his time with the team, but not productive enough for the Knicks to ever seriously contend for the NBA Finals or even a playoff spot. Marbury’s contract would eventually be bought out in 2009, before he would head off to play in China. The worst part? That 2010 first round pick turned into Gordon Hayward, who has been a star ever since he entered the league.

2006: The Eddie Curry deal

In what was perhaps the worst deal in NBA history, the Knicks chose to trade for Eddie Curry by agreeing to give up two second round picks, an unprotected first round pick in 2006, and the right for the Bulls to swap positions with the Knicks if they had the opportunity. But that's not all. The Bulls also got Tim Thomas, Jermaine Jackson, and Michael Sweetney in the deal. Ouch. The Knicksgotfleecedin this transaction.

2013: The Andrea Bargnani trade

This deal saw the Knicks trade Marcus Camby, Steve Novak, a 2016 1st round pick, and two second round picks for Andrea Bargnani, a player who had struggled in his time in the NBA. The Bargnani experiment was a disaster and the first round lottery pick that the Knicks would have had in 2016 could have helped the young team to rebuild.

Instead, the Knicks will once again beforcedto wait before ever effectively assembling a roster through the NBA draft.

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