The New Day are arguably the hottest trio in WWE since The Shield. They started with an annoyingly upbeat gimmick and turned it into a weekly comedy bit that is anticipated by almost everyone in the WWE Universe. The team of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods managed to be so good at being heels that they became faces without really changing their gimmick. The same thing happened for guys like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock and Degeneration-X in the late 90s.

AtWWE Extreme Rules 2016, The New Day will be defending the WWE Tag Team Championship against newcomers the Vaudevillains. The New Day have competed atERbefore, both as a unit and pre-New Day.

What follows is the onepart ina series ofExtreme RulesRésumé articles in which we take a look at a WWE Superstar's history atER(such as CM Punk,The Shield,Triple H, John Cenaand Randy Orton) and what their past experiences might tell us aboutWWE Extreme Rules 2016.

Extreme Rulesrecord

When you figure in every match atExtreme Rules to ever feature a member of The New Day, their overall record is4-3. Between 2009 and 2013, Kofi was the only member actively competing for WWE, so he is responsible for the first three wins on his own (3-1 overall). As the trio, they are1-0, having successfully defendedthe WWE Tag Team Championship against Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at last year's ER.

In 2014, Big E lost in singles competition while Xavier lost in a handicap match with R-Truth against Rusev.

Main event matches

The highest any of the members of The New Day have been within the WWE would be as a part of their current faction rather than what they achieved as individuals. While they may never headlineExtreme Rules, they are likely to be as over in New Jersey as anyone else on the WWE roster on Sunday.

Worthy competition

Kingston had singles competition against the likes of Dean Ambrose, Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and Montel Vontavious Porter. As far as future WWE Legend potential is concerned, someone from that group probably tops the list.

At the same time, Tyson Kidd, Cesaro, and Rusev all have time to prove what sort of legacy they will leave behind.

Big E had his singles match with Bad News Barrett, and both Matt Hardy and William Regal were part of a Fatal Four-Way involving Kofi Kingston in 2009.

Most extreme moment(s)

The New Day actually have a rather mild list of match stipulations in theirExtreme Rules history. Kofi's matches against Ambrose (US Title) and Ziggler (dark match) were without any hardcore stipulations. When they defended the tag titles last year, there were no stipulations. Xavier's match against Rusev was handicap but not hardcore. Kofi's Fatal Four-Way could be perceived as "extreme" under some circumstances, and he did have a Tables Match against Sheamus.

But no moments atExtreme Rules stick out as especially extreme for The New Day.

Predictions forWWE Extreme Rules 2016

Last year, The New Day successfully defended the WWE Tag Team Championship atExtreme Rulesin a match with no hardcore stipulations against a team with a very different Wrestling style than their own. The same could be said aboutWWE ER 2016. Last year, they walked in and out ofER with the gold. While Big E may have dropped the IC Title to Barrett, Kingston was 2-1 in US Title Matches atExtreme Rules.

Based on last year's performance and their overall record of 3-2 in title matches atExtreme Rules, it seems likely that The New Day will still be the WWE Tag Team Champions on Monday.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016airs live on the WWE Network on May 22nd.

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