Few people in the history of professional Wrestling have accomplished the things that Chris Jericho has accomplished. Remaining active and relevant from the days of the Monday Night Wars until today, Y2J is the kind of performer that enhances almost everything he touches. That being the case, adding Chris Jericho toWWE Extreme Rules 2016 can only make the event better.

One of the most valuable veterans on the current WWE roster, Jericho has a rather unique history atExtreme Rules andOne Night Stand. He's wrestled relative nobodies like Fandango while also having names like Edge and CM Punk as pastERcompetition.

What follows is the onepart ina series ofExtreme RulesRésumé articles in which we take a look at a WWE Superstar's history atExtreme Rules(such asTriple H, John Cena, CM Punk,The Shieldand The New Day) and what their past experiences might tell us aboutWWE Extreme Rules 2016.

Extreme Rulesrecord

Chris Jericho has done some pretty impressive things in his career, but his record atExtreme Rules isn't exactly worth bragging about. Having competed at the event 5 times between 2005 and 2013 (including one match fromOne Night Stand, the predecessor to WWE Extreme Rules) his overall record is2-3. All of the variables thrown into the mix make it hard to determine any sort of pattern from Jericho's fiveER matches.

He's never faced the same opponent twice atExtreme Rules, he's never had the same stipulation more than once and every match has been a one-on-one encounter. Unfortunately, his past doesn't give any clear indications about how he might perform in 2016. Suffice it to say, it's not an especially friendly event for Y2J.

Main event matches

Despite being an obvious future WWE Hall of Fame inductee, Chris Jericho has never been trusted with theExtreme Rules main event. Even when he challenged for the WWE Championship against CM Punk in 2012, a non-title match between John Cena and Brock Lesnar headlined the event. Jericho likely doesn't have a lot ofER events left in his career, so it's very possible that he'll never headline the event.

Worthy competition

None of Jericho's matches atExtreme Rules are "throw away" matches. He's faced Rey Mysterio, Edge and CM Punk atER—three guys that are undeniable WWE Legends. AtOne Night Stand in 2005, Jericho was brought back to face Lance Storm for a battle between two former ECW stars. His most recent appearance was in 2013, a rematch against Fandango shortly afterWrestleMania 29.

Most extreme moment(s)

While it may not have been the most "extreme" match of his career, his No Holds Barred Match against Rey Mysterio in 2009 marked Chris Jericho's ninth reign as WWE Intercontinental Championship. But his match against CM Punk in 2012 in a Chicago Street Fight for the WWE Championship was an important part of one of the most infamous PPV events in recent WWE history.

The program Jericho worked with Fandango in 2013 wasn't an especially epic match or feud, but it did show that Jericho has developed into exactly the kind of veteran that WWE needs to help grow the next crop of WWE Superstars.

Predictions forWWE Extreme Rules 2016

Chris Jericho continues his feud with Dean Ambrose atWWE Extreme Rules 2016, and there's not much reason to believe that Jericho will score a victory atERthis year. Given his rather lackluster history, it's not like the Undertaker atWrestleMania or Randy Orton atSurvivor Series. Even though Dean's victory over Jericho atWWE Paybacklast month might give the indication that it's Jericho's chance to get a receipt, it just doesn't feel like WWE is going to go that way.

Dean Ambrose has never lost a match atExtreme Rules, and there's absolutely zero precedent when it comes to the Asylum Rules Match this year. In fact, the only match either of them has ever had at ER in a cage was when Jericho fought CM Punk in 2012— and lost. It seems likely that the same thing will happen this year.

WWE Extreme Rules 2016airs live on the WWE Network on May 22nd.

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