Kim Rasmussen will leave CSM Bucharest

Kim Rasmussen - the coach of women's handball team CSM Bucharest will not continue his job as a coach of this team starting from the next season. He could be replaced byJakobVestergaard, JorgeDuenasorHerbert Muller. Rasmussen will train the women's national handball team of Hungary.

No official announcement yet.

For now, neither theHungarian forum nor the Romanian champions have made any official announcement on this issue, but in the two days of competitions of the Final 4 tournament the press center talked a lot about the fact that Rasmussen wouldremainin the Hungarian capital.

The discussionswere initiatedlong before thefinalcompetition of the Champions League. KatalinPalinger,one of the most important figures of the Hungarian Handball Federation has also confirmed the News. Immediately after thefinalgame withGyor(with the result 29-26 for CSM after the 7 meter throws), Kim Rasmussen didn't want to talk about his future. He said then that he just wanted to enjoy this success and he would talk about the future the next day.

Return to Bucharest.

The team returned to Bucharest on Monday, but nobody could make any plan and no discussions were held. The whole daywas occupiedwith the after-action protocol, including visiting the Romanian President KlausJohannisand the television appearances.

On Tuesday, after things were more settled, the problems began to clarify: Kim Rasmussen will leave CSM Bucharest at the end of the season because he alreadyhas an agreementwith the Hungarian national team.

The reasons leave to CSM Bucharest.

The Danish coachhas been workingwith CSM Bucharest in the last few months, but he also trained the Polish national handball team.

This double rolewill not bepossible from this summer. The Hungarian Handball Federation made a generous offer for Rasmussen and the offer is over the possibilities of CSM Bucharest. More, the Hungarian Federation wants him to work full-time, with exclusive rights. In these circumstances, the Bucharest officials have understood the need to findanother coachfor the CSM team, in order to defend their title in the Champions League in the 2016-2017 season.

Women's handball team CSM from Bucharest won the Champions League trophy after defeating ETOGyorof Hungary by 29-26 in theFinal Four in Budapest.

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