Women's handball team CSM Bucharest defeated ETO Gyor in the Final Four tournament in Budapest with a 29-26 score. It's the first time they participated in this competition. The Swedish handball player Isabelle Gulldén was named top scorer of the competition. The match was won by the Romanian team trained by Kim Rasmussen after overtime and 7-meters throws.

The Romanian handball players are very happy with their success.

Iulia Curea from CSM Bucharest spoke for a few minutes after the historic success.


She said that the support of their Romanian fans influenced their match against Gyor a lot. She said that their fighting spirit had made them lucky. She also told Digi Sport that she still can't believe what happened, that it's magnificent and that the team counted very much. She said that she didn't hear the Hungarians fans, only the Romanian fans and their support lead to the victory of their team and they have won this trophy for their fans. She also said at the end that she felt sick when she was about to make the 7- meter throws.


Belief they would win.

Aurelia Brădeanu, the handball player who closed the match making it 29-26, said: "I'm so happy, ...I wanted so much for this; to win the Champions League!" She also said that she gave up hope at a certain time. Then the team started to play very well and she started to believe that they were going to win. Romanian handball history will remember Aurelia Bradeanu for this great success.

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Great performance.

Oana Manea, the pivot of CSM Bucharest, was extremely happy after the Champions League final when her team won after a match against Gyor in Budapest. The handball player thinks it is a great performance to win this trophy in the first season of the most important competition between clubs .

Kim Rasmussen - CSM Bucharest's was relaxed during the match

Kim Rasmussen, the Danish coach of the women's handball team CSM Bucharest said that he was very relaxed when the match went into overtime and he was sure that his team would win the match.

He said that this tactic helps them to win matches. CSM Bucharest's coach says he deliberately relaxed during the tensest moments of the game and that he conveyed the same feeling to the players, so the tactics worked.



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