Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard is predicted to opt of the remaining year of his contract; becoming a free agent. Howard’s already tense relationship with teammate James Harden reached an all-time low recently, fuelling expectation that Howard will not re-sign with Houston

Chandler Parsons, Mavericks forward, is expected to play a fundamental role in Howard’s recruitment to Dallas. Parsons and Howard played together previously in Houston and remain close friends. Parsons has a history of taking an active role recruiting, coaxing Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan to commit to signing with the Mavericks during the off-season last year.

Jordan, however, had a change of heart, instead re-signing with Los Angeles.

In recent years, injuries and age have reduced Howard’s point production. Last season he averaged a mere 13.75 points per game – the second-lowest average of his career. His talent for grabbing rebounds remains high, averaging 11.76 points per game. His already dismal free-throw record worsened last season, where he shot just 48.9% - a career low.

A Little Help From His Friends

Dallas is hoping that if Dwight Howard is surrounded by friendlies, like Parsons, in the locker room it will convert into improved court play. If Howard can command enough attention on the court, he would free up the likes of Parsons or Hall-of-Fame inductee Dirk Nowitzki for double team action on the perimeter.

Speculation is Howard's hoping to capitalize on a fat contract. With the NBA salary cap set to increase next season, teams will have more money to spend on free agents and that could mean good News for Dwight Howard.

The Houston Rockets ended their NBA Round-One post-season efforts last month with a 1-4 series outcome against the Golden State Warriors, with many like former Rockets superstar Robert Reid blaming Harden for the loss, claiming Harden only "looks after Harden."

Harden voiced histhoughts on the loss by telling ESPN that the Rockets has "too many distractions, a bumpy road" from day-one of the season.

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