The Football player PatrickEkengfromDinamoBucharest who died on the field had no disease so severe that it could cause death, according to doctors. This is the first conclusion of the doctors who made the autopsy andat first glance,they found no obvious cause of death. However, the specialists have found that the young athlete had an enlarged heart, so the investigations will continue. The coronershave been lookingfor an answer to the question that concerns both the football player's relatives and his fans: why the athlete has died at just 26 years old on the football field.

Family arrives to collect his remains.

PatrickEkeng'swife arrived in Romania on Tuesday to take his body from theLegalmedicineInstitute from Bucharest. A doctor from Cameroon was also present at the request of theCameroonEmbassy in Bucharest.The brother and the manager of the football player were also waiting outside to take his body, but this was postponed.

Enlarged heart through constant exercise.

Initially, the doctors said that the young man was clinically healthy. His heart had cardiac hypertrophy - this means it was enlarged. This is the effect that sometimes constant exercise has on the body's most important muscle. This is not a disease, but the experts will continue the investigations.

The police took the defibrillator from the ambulance that broughtEkengto the hospital

The police are expecting the lab results of the toxicology tests that will clarify if the football player had forbidden substances in his blood. The police officers returned on Monday to the Pulse Ambulance headquarters and they took some documents, including the medical reportspreparedafter the surgery on Friday night.

They also took the defibrillator from the ambulance that broughtEkengto the hospital. The Department of Emergency Situations and the Department of Public Health from Bucharest also made investigations. They made these investigations because they found that some medicines from the ambulance were expired.

All this led to the decision to suspend the company Pulse for 30 days until they correct the problems. In addition, the companywas fined20,000 Romanianlei.

RaedArafat, the founder of the Romanianemergency rescue servicenamedSMURD(the Romanian acronym for "Mobile Emergency Service for Resuscitation and Extrication") said that some of the ambulances thatwere used are authorizedas level A ambulances (namely transport ambulances) but were usedas emergency ambulances.

Ekeng collapsed in the 70th minute.

Dinamo'sBucharest player PatrickEkengdied on Friday evening at the age of 26, after he collapsed on the ground during the game against FCViitorulConstanta. The player from Cameroon was taken from the field in an ambulance in the 70th minute of the match played against the teamViitorulfrom Constanta, after falling without being touched by any other footballer.Ekengwas takentoFloreascaHospital from Bucharest where he was revived for about an hour and a half, but without success.

EkengPatrick was born on 26 March 1990 inYaoundé, thecapital of Cameroon. He began his professional career at Canon football club fromYaoundé, then transferredtoLe Mans, Lausanne-Sport, and Cordoba, before being transferred toDinamoBucharest this winter. The midfielder played seven times in the Cameroon nationals. Hewas marriedand he had a two-year-old daughter.

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