The Swiss star’s season isn’t exactly great. His withdrawal in Madrid a few days ago fits a completely unfortunate pattern. Fans have thus missed one more chance of seeing their idol on the Tennis court. The news about what’s next for Federer are rather uncertain. There’s a chance for Federer to participate in the tournament in Rome that starts next week. However, his official schedule doesn’t include this event, just as the Madrid tournament wasn’t initially included in his schedule either.

His medical problems can mess up the entire plan

Federer, the winner of 17 Grand Slam tournaments and one of the best players in the history of tennis, had meticulously organized his schedule for this year.

His greatest aspirations were related to a fruitful participation in Rio. This is why he almost completely neglected the clay season, in order to allow him to physically recover. However, since February he has been in the center of certain events that called for some last-moment changes in his schedule. After his knee surgery, Federer, unfortunately, dealt with a stomach virus that prevented him from competing in Miami, and a few days ago he also had a back injury which again took away his chances of coming back to the circuit.

Federer’s greater need

The first thing that every player with high goals needs is to keep the playing pace as constant as possible. This means competing in tournaments on a regular basis so as to maintain the physical capacities at an optimal level and also to boost self-confidence.

For example, a winning streak can increase self-confidence but also the strikes` management, basically allowing the player to be in control of his game.

This lack of pace was obvious in Monte Carlo. Although he managed to make it to the quarterfinals, the Swiss played as if some of his senses were a bit blurred.

There were many moments when Federer hit the ball quite chaotically, far below his normal standards.

What’s next?

If he isn’t prepared to compete in Rome, Roger will enter the French Open with only 3 recently played matches on clay (the ones at Monte Carlo). It would certainly stand as a weak prep for a Grand Slam tournament.

And the lack of playing seems to prolong even further. Perhaps this is what matters most.

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