When the French OL football team took the victory away from Wolfsburg in the finals of the UEFA Women’s Championship league this week, they concluded a thrilling match and gained them their 3rd title in the competition. They won by 1-1, 4-3 on penalties. It was a fitting revenge for the match they lost to Wolfsburg in 2013.

Lyon took the lead early.

Compared to the 2013 final where the German team, Wolfsburg, took the title, this time around the OL side did not hesitate to grab every opportunity. Within the first 12 minutes of the game, Lyon scored and they seemed to easily dominate the first half.

Late equalizer.

Nevertheless, Lyon could not afford to relax, because Wolfsburg has a reputation for coming from behind to steal the game. When Wolfsburg made an exciting late come-back through Popp who managed to head a high cross from Isabel Kerschowski and equalized at 1-1, the pressure was on Lyon to keep up the pace. The stress of being in a position to lose that late in the game seemed to make them only more determined to beat their old rivals.

Goals are crucial.

With no further goals, the game was forced into a penalty situation to determine the winners of the match, and that was due to missed opportunities. Goals are crucial to winning the game comfortably and missed opportunities by the Germans could have stolen the match from Lyon once again.

Luckily for Lyon, the German team did not look that strong throughout this vital game.

Tense moments.

The very tense moments during the penalty kicks were something the fans love, but for the players, it was probably not so thrilling at the time. Bouhaddim managed to frustrate two German attempts at goal, one of them by Elise Bussaglia.

This gave Lyon’s player of the match,Saki Kumagai her opportunity to take her successful shot at goal, which gave the victory to the Lyon team.

Lyon Football Club.

Olympique Lyonnaise are based at the Lyon Football Club (Soccer) in France and has a long history of successes since their formation in 2004; having won the women’s division 10 times and securing seven titles from Coupe De France.

In the 2007-2008 EUFA cup, they made the semi-finals and managed to make it to the finals against Turbine Potsdam. They clinched their first Champion league title in 2011, held onto it the next year and then faced the defeat by Wolfsburg. This year they took their revenge and managed to take the Championship title again and retain their club position as the highest ranked in EUFA.

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