The race for the most desired trophy withinEuropean football, among Soccer clubs, is rapidly getting closer to its last stage. This season the grand battle for a place in football history will be filled with Spanish blood. Due to their brilliant performances, both Real Madrid and its eternal rival Atletico Madrid managed to gain their spot at the final in Milan. On May 28th, the two Spanish football teams will face their last challenge on the Giuseppe Meazza stadium.

Real Madrid qualified at the end of a balanced encounter

Real Madrid managed to get past the English team Manchester City. The confrontation between the two was beyond balanced.

Overall, there was only one goal scored. The first match, the one played in Manchester, ended in a draw 0-0. The second leg was decided through the goal scored by the Welshman Gareth Bale. The player who had been bought by Real from Tottenham for a huge amount of money in exchange, that is 100 million euros, made the most of Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence and enforced himself as the hero of his team.

Atletico knocked down yet another titan

On their way to the final, the team coached by Diego Simeone, the person who made miracles guiding this team over the past few years, managed to defeat yet another important club of European football. Bayern Munich surrendered right on their home ground. The Bavarian club thus joins FC Barcelona on Atletico’s victims.

Atletico won 1-0 in the first leg of the encounter. The Madrilenians were defeated 2-1 in the Munich match, and yet they managed to further qualify due to the away goals rule. It was a very intense match, many goal opportunities were missed also including a penalty kick each.

Rivalry and payback time

A rivalry which goes beyond the borders of the domestic league occurred between Real and Atletico. This season the two clubs are in the race for thetitle in Primera Division. However, the challenge in the Champions League is of a different kind. Similarly, in 2014, the two teams played in the final as well.

That legendary evening, Atletico was only a few minutes away from the trophy, but the goal scored by Sergio Ramos in the final momentstook the fight further to overtime. Real went wild and eventually won 4-1 after 30 minutes of extra-time, thus adding the 10th Champions League trophy to its record.

For Atletico, it is undoubtedly the perfect time for a payback. It still remains to be seen if they`ll manageto live up to the expectations.One thing is certain. The thirst for revenge must be high.

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