Quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has been voted as one of the most hated NFL players ever. In fact, Brady lands in the fifth most hated Football player ever according to the Sporting News.As reported in an assessment made by Sporting News, Tom Brady is a player that could be loved since he is one of the elite quarterbacks of all-time. However, controversies that have made his career look bad have brought on hatred more than love.

Reasons why Brady is hated

For one, Tom Brady is mostly known of the tuck rule back in the early 2000s when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl. It was evident that Brady fumbled the ball, being the original call, but the call was overturned when the Patriots challenged that Brady’s arm was going forward.

Because of the NFL’s wording in the rule book, Brady got the call his way by having an obvious fumble overturned and called an incomplete pass. The Patriots went on to win the AFC Championship against the Oakland Raiders and later the Super Bowl.Another reason why Brady is hated is because the Patriots were caught spying on teams. It was proven that the Patriots taped opposing teams’ practices, thus cheating since it is not allowed. Still, the Patriots went on to win like always with minimum punishment.For the 2015 NFL playoffs, the Patriots were caught deflating balls in a game against the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC championship game. Again, minimal punishment was given after the Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that year.

The top five most hated

Tom Brady landed in the number five spot despite being a superb quarterback. Perhaps it is the fact that he continues to get slapped in the hand when breaking major rules. Well, the “tuck rule” was not his fault, but he seems to have this luck that everyone hates. As if, the forces of evil are on his side as he keeps winning.

Anyway, the other players that hit the top five spot are Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, Ndamukong Suh, and Greg Hardy. Of course, Brady follows in the number five spot after Hardy. Too bad, all these players are good players, but their attitudes and controversies are what prevail their reputation in the end.

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