The Games must go on

Due to the health crisis in Brazil, the Olympic Games were going to be postponed or canceled. However, the Brazilian Health Minister and the Olympic Games organization committee of Rio de Janeirorefused to consider a potential reschedule or even the cancellation of the sports event that had been foretold for August, as it had been requested by 150 health experts who warned about the danger of the Zika virus.

According to the AFP, the Brazilian Health minister voted once more against the arguments of the WHO (World Health Organization), whereby it was advised that the Olympics took place in August as the Aedes Aesgypti mosquitoes, the carriers of the Zika virus, are less likely to pose a threat at that point.

The WHO believes the Zika virus does not pose a threat to the Olympics

In February, Margareth Chan, the general director of the World Health Organization declared at Rio de Janeiro that people should not be concerned about the virus in August because the number of mosquitoes would be minimal.

The O Globo magazine stated on Sunday that the Olympic Games organization committee of Rio de Janeiro 2016 respected the experts’ position but would rather act on the recommendations formulated by the World Health Organization, as they did not see any risk whatsoever.

If the Olympic Games had been relocated or rescheduled, it would have made an insignificant change

According to statement released by the WHO on Friday, at the moment a cancellation or a relocation of the Olympic Games would not change the fact that the Zika virus has already spread in other countries.

According to the same statement, the World Health Organization will continue to closely monitor the situation and will adapt the official recommendations if needed.

The statement of the AFP

About 150 health experts requested that the Olympic Games of 2016, which are to be held in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, be relocated or at least postponed due to the Zika virus.

Brazil is currently the most affected country in the world by the virus, with almost 1.5 million contaminated people in 2015. The AFP closes its statement by declaring that 60 other states in the world are currently confronting the virus.

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