The unrestricted free agency comes to a halt on Tuesday for the NFL, as teams have been busy making their improvements for the 2016 season. Still, teams will be able to make signings and trades from now until beyond training camp. However, teams have already been evaluated to see who has improved the most.

ESPN reported the top six NFL teams of major improvements during the offseason of 2016. The list does not quite indicate who has the best chance at winning the Super Bowl. The list simply measures the best improved team and the following best five.

The list of most improved teams:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. New York Giants
  3. Tennessee Titans
  4. Oakland Raiders
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. Chicago Bears

The biggest stories out of the six

All six teams have been ranked by ESPN as the most improved teams for the upcoming season.

However, some seem to capture the eye of the media more than others. Jacksonville Jaguars was ranked best, but it will take a lot to make this team a playoff team for the next season. The last few years, the Jaguars have placed in the last three spots out of 32 teams.

Despite the six teams, the Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears are generating the most buzz. This is mostly due to the fact that both teams seemed to surprise many last season. The Bears surprised everyone with their upsets, and the Raiders surprised football lovers with their ability to win again.

Oakland Raiders

The team placed 4th due to the fact that the team has been a losing team for the last 13 years. Last season, they showed a lot of potential, and continue to do so with their free agency signings and drafts from late April.

Chicago Bears

The Bears were ranked horribly last season, but managed to pull off a lot of upsets. Now, the Bears have bolstered their defense with the draftin April and are predicted to be like the old Bears — a strong defensive team. Again, the Bears looked doomed last season, but, somehow, the team managed to come together for important games and took many by surprise.

Other teams

The Buccaneers are considered to be a sleeper team for the next season, as their addition of a new quarterback, Jameis Winston, is a hope that will improve the team. Other pieces were set to accompany Winston, and it all lies on their ability to carry through what is predicted of them.

As for the New York Giants, they always seem to be a mediocre team that scrapes into the playoffs all the time.

This year, things could be different since their passing rush defense has been improved with Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul. Last year, the Giants did not make the playoffs but are looking better this year for sure.

The Tennessee Titans are another team that is looking to do a whole lot better than last season. With their changes, things could obviously be better. With running back DeMarco Murray coming from the Philadelphia Eagles, the Titans once again have a running game. Included with the running game is also halfback Derrick Henry.

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