Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors could most likely repeat as NBA’s Most Valuable Player this season. James Harden from the Houston Rockets still has a huge chance in getting the MVP, but word is that Curry could have the honor already on lock down.It was tweeted by ESPN’s Marc Stein that Curry will win the NBA's MVP since the sports network already claims to have the information. However, the league has not announced the winner yet — to be announced later this week.

Currently, the point guard from the Warriors is recovering from a sprained right ankle and has missed the first round and part of the Western semifinals of the playoffs.

However, his team has managed to beat the Houston Rockets in the first round, and they are now facing the Portland Trailblazers, which the Warriors are leading two games to one.

Why Curry deserves the MVP

Stephen Curry won it last season and is set to possibly win it again, according to ESPN. This season, Curry has averaged a league-leading 30.1 point on a 50.1 percent shooting. This percentage is unheard of in modern era Basketball since the sport currently emphasizes long range shooting.Curry also broke his own record from last year for shooting three-pointers. This season, the point guard averaged 11 three-pointers per game. The lowest average against his foes was at least five per game. He also leads the league in free throws with 90.8 percent shooting.

Other facts about Curry for this season

  • Led league in steals with an average of 2.1 per game.
  • True shooting percentage of nearly 67 percent.
  • Helped his team break the all-time record for wins in a regular season, 73.
  • Also seen as the league’s most entertaining player.

By the end of the week, the Most Valuable Player will be announced by the NBA.

Stephen Curry has all the facts and stats that could give him the honor of repeating the title of being MVP. However, things could be different by the time the league decides who gets the title. In the end, ESPN claims that Stephen Curry will most likely get the MVP award.

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